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What Is It Like The Month of Your Trip?


The Weather in Paris France from month to month, not taking into account the unpredictability of global warming, has some general trends that have been recorded over decades. If you plan to travel to Paris on a given month, this guide will help you anticipate the type of weather you are most likely to encounter.

Winter weather in Paris France:

This is easily one the coldest months, with 2°C temperatures (according to weather archives, record low is -14°C). Luckily, it snows infrequently in Paris. Still, about 4 days of snow are possible. You may also get around 17 days of rain, including 4 of heavy rain, winds and/or fog. January is definitely overcast.

Temperatures are just as cold and sometimes colder than January (record low -15°C), but also with days that get a little more sun; However, don't get too excited. We're only talking 3 hours of sun per day, an hour more than January, but it helps to raise the temperature by a couple of degrees, usually to around 8°C (record high 21°C). That means fewer days of grey skies, but not by much. January and February are very similar.

Spring weather in Paris France:

Usually, we start to break the 10°C mark, in the right direction. It still rains 50% of the time, but overall, the spectrum of Winter begins to dissipate. A few days of high winds are compensated by the number fully overcast days falling to around 5 per month.

Days start to get lukewarm in the 10° to 15°C range and around 6 hours of sun per day. April remains a rainy month, in fact one of the top 4 rainiest months, but with much more pleasant temperatures, and brighter sunnier days.

Summer is just around the corner, and the dramatic change in weather patterns can be strongly felt. While rain can still threaten frequently, temperatures are now inching towards 20°C at peak times (record high 33°C), and almost 7 hours of daily sun. They sing of April in Paris with good reason, but May is when good weather really kicks into gear.

Summer weather in Paris France:

It's summertime! June and July share the longest daily span of sunshine, topping 7 and 1/2 hours. Rain is finally rare, although forecasting weather in Paris never excludes the occasional downpour(and even heavy rain). Nevertheless, at last we break into consistent mid-20°C temperatures for 3 months with clear skies (record high 35°C). It's simply beautiful out there.

It's more of the same good stuff with temperatures getting warmer and downright hot! July has the highest number of days topping 25°C and the longest daily sun exposure (record high 35°C). Parisians head for coastal beaches. For those who stay in Paris, July is the most festive, estival month of the year.

The particularity of this month is that on the one hand it can give you the hottest temperatures of the year, (record high 40°C happens almost exclusively in August), but it can also surprise you with the unexpected heavy rain. Because Paris has a continental type of weather and August weather brings absolutely no wind, this month can be be muggy.

Fall weather in Paris France:

For travelers in the know, this is actually one of the better -and visually speaking- most romantic months in Paris. Temperatures are still pleasantly warm even though trees are starting to look like Fall. September has had the occasional record high of 33°C while beginning to show a pick up in rain activity. Temperatures can swing widely between a comfortable 10°C and 20°C. This is definitely a month with nothing a nice raincoat and umbrella could not tame.

October's weather is mainly characterized by the return of fog, overcast skies. The presence of the sun is shortened back to a little over 4 hours per day, and it starts to rain quite a bit once again. Although it can occasionally get cold (record low -3°C), for the most part, temperatures are still very tolerable (in the 10° to 15°C range).

We will call this pre-winter weather, with a slight drop in rain frequency, but heavy when it does rain. Strongs wings, freezing temperatures, fog and grey skies are back on the scene. Only 2 and 1/2 of sun per day on average. On the plus side, it's starting to look like the holidays!

It's the return of Winter. Temperatures are consistently under 10°C, usually between 3° and 7°C (record low -11°C), and we can only thank the Metro for keeping the city warm and melting the ice. If you are adverse to rain, sleet, fog, strong cold winds or less than 2 hours of sun per day, this is not the month for you. But you may be consoled by glitzy holiday shopping and enticing store-window displays.

Do you know how to convert Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees? All you have to remember is 32° (the freezing temperature of water), and 1.8!!!
Example: to go from 98° F, subtract 32° and divide by 1.8 = 36° C
Going from 24° C, reverse the process by multiplying by 1.8, then adding 32° = 75° F (replacing 1.8 with 2 for easier mental math gets you fairly close)

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