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Online income opportunity is an area I have been involved in since 2006, and I'm happy to report that it is just picking up more and more momentum.

As experts always predicted, doing business online is simply the way of the future, and everywhere you look, you are bound to find confirmation of that fact.

So, I urge you to read on and discover some of the strategies I use, and particularly to learn how you can make $5000 a month. This is not a promise but a learning opportunity from one of the most successful and innovative online income systems I know.

Online income opportunity can be a tremendous break, or can be nothing but a lot of hot air. In the Wild World of the Web, as in "real life" it is very important to be able to make the distinction between worthless scams and genuine online income opportunity that makes sense and has a successful track record.

In my case as you will see, finding online income opportunity was tightly linked to a passion I already had - travel; so much so that I devised a whole lifestyle around it so I can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to go as I please. This Web site is an integral part of that plan, which I am willing to work very hard at.

If you dream of doing something similar, getting paid to do something you thoroughly enjoy, supplementing or actually overtaking the income from your regular 9 to 5, this may indeed be for you.

On my Get Paid To Travel page, I briefly summarize ways to earn income from affiliate programs. (Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with this yet. It’s pretty easy to grasp). As I explained, they are various mechanisms to do so, and my best recommendation to learn about them was the one that started it all for me, the Solo Build It organization, which is how I got to be so smart! ;=)

On this page and a few other spots on this site, I will display programs I use to make money online, and invite you to check them out and see if they're a good fit for you too. It's my way of rewarding this little community we are forming here and offering a mutually supportive way to get ahead! You're welcome...

Online income opportunity can come from activities in all walks of life. The Internet "tool" is indeed the new frontier. The passion that got me here was traveling because I know and love it. So far, I have traveled pretty extensively to far corners of the world, and clearly intend to do so even more. But your interests could lie anywhere else entirely. It makes no difference.

The only thing that matters as far as online income opportunity goes is that you get a pretty good idea of how to convert your passion, efforts or interests into income.

I hope I can inspire you to start your own journey or to give some of my suggestions a try. If you're anything like me, I know you will be thrilled to at last earn income from your passion (e.g. travel, or other).

But I have to warn you that there is tremendous activity going on within the Internet and elsewhere, and disingenuous people claiming they can make you rich overnight while you stay "home in your pyjamas". Even on TV, those commercials are becoming pervasive and they really turn my stomach.

By now, you know that I feel very lucky to have discovered this way of earning money. It truly bothers me that it gets misrepresented and cheapened by sharks trying to make a quick buck on the backs of unsuspecting people.

So, this will be my attempt to educate like-minded people and fellow travel lovers to however small an extent I can. Online income opportunity is real and feasible, and you can nicely monetize your passion that way, but it is a true education. You won't succeed by accident or without dedicating yourself, but you can do it! I'm still learning myself, as I go along.

However, having someone pave the way for you can be a big help, and the programs I mention here are winners! The one that teaches you how you can make $5000 a month is especially easy to grasp. You just have to sign up, get the free $10 start-up cash, and learn how it all goes into action the very next day! So, with no further ado, feel free to click away on the link provided, and do spend time on the training videos.

* Travelers, would you like to bring the laptop to Paris or anywhere your wish and be able to set up shop anytime you want and quit whenever you choose? Sweetness!

* Students and Teachers, as it is you already spend an incredible amount of time online! You may be able to carve a lucrative business for yourself. Don't be surprised if you wind up eclipsing, or at minimum enhancing your income expectation from your current field.

* Love to be in the Internet affiliate income earning game but not sure where to start? Your email contact-list, friends, relatives, community acquaintances could be all you need to get the ball rolling.

* Love "broadcasting yourself" on YouTube and playing with video? Why not build around that and attract traffic that can be redirected to generate income?

* In your silver years and looking to retire or to start fresh? Explore a new style of retirement -the online-style- to stay active, productive and generate "passive income".

Those are just a few examples of very real possibilities and feasible choices if you are so inclined!

Success can never be guaranteed but there is only one way to find out; So, in the interest of being thorough, I don’t want to wrap up without having said a final word. None of this will come to you unless you do one thing: Start!

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