Easy French Recipes To Impress


With these Easy French recipes, even I look like a hero when I step into the kitchen. I chose them because not only are they easy to deliver, they are also quintessentially the staple French cuisine recipes that everyone loves.

Trust me, if I had to try anything more complicated in the kitchen, you would not want to stick around and be my guinea-pig. So, if I can do this and pull it off, your guests will adore you. Let's fire it up!

Artichokes Vinaigrette

Béchamel Sauce

Croque Monsieur

Croque Madame

French Onion Soup, Onion Soup (Soupe a' l'Oignon) Au Gratin

French Toast

Peppercorn Steak, Steak au poivre

Ratatouille Niçoise

More recipes on the way...