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Home Career Online Quest Unveils Amazing Travel-and-Tourism Career

To my absolute delight and ever-pleasant surprise, you guys have been giving me fantastic compliments about this site. I'm flattered and sincerely touched. But if you wonder how I went about building this Web site, YOU, my friend can do the same, and get paid! Keep reading and I think you'll get a few surprises of your own...

(or if you prefer, skip to the online income opportunity for those who love to travel. You may also skip to the video tour, or the "why I love SBI" videos).

My framework for this site was: "Ex-Parisian now living in L.A. utilizes frequent return trips to guide and advise Paris visitors, from the point of view of a fellow traveler, but with the experience of a local".

The idea was to empower visitors (especially after reading comments of some who had, sadly, had an awful trip to Paris), to enjoy better trips to Paris by, well... traveling to it, not merely touring it.

If you landed on, chances are you love traveling, perhaps as much as I do; and you wouldn’t mind having either a nice home career online or a flexible travel-and-tourism career. It’s while searching for one or the other that I discovered that I could actually work from home and make serious money building a lucrative Web site like this, without any technical knowledge. I thought, Wow! This is awsome!

It almost seems the concept of getting paid to travel was invented for me. For family reasons, I always strived to take regular trips back to Paris. And traveling has always been my passion anyway. I’ve been to 20 countries on 3 continents, and that has barely scratched the surface. Let’s just say that work and career used to get in the way…

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably asked yourself the same questions I have: Wouldn’t it be great to indulge one’s love for traveling and not be hindered by the demands of earning a living? And sometimes, while on a fantastic trip, don’t you just wish you had the flexibility to stay a little longer? But unfailingly, duty would always call? Ugh!

Unless you’re independently wealthy or a well-off retiree, typically, one has to choose between career constraints and traveling; and evidently, it is always traveling that gets the ax! Even those blessed with high paying jobs, more often than not, still have to contend with the countering and restrictive demands of their careers. Mmmh... Home career online, anyone?


The Big Discovery: "Special Freedom Prize Inside" Sets Wheel In Motion

"The Big Discovery" for me was a small sample of real life stories that "turned the light on". I had been racking my brain for many years to find, not necessarily a home career online, but a way to combine desirable career and ability to travel freely. And it wasn't just some frivolous desire on my part. As you know by now, I live in America, but since most of my family and relatives do not, spending a reasonable amount of time with loved ones was always quite a challenge.

So, on the one hand, I had to sacrifice my passion for traveling to the demands of a job, and on the other hand, I had to go for extended periods of time without seeing family as well.

In addition, although I'm afraid this sounds like a really sappy story, eventually I did in fact get snagged by office politics and “company downsizing”, and yes wouldn’t you know it, got dismissed from my job; quite unfairly I might add. This was shortly after 9/11 and that was, I hoped, the absolute last of too many debilitating setbacks and debacles I had been suffering for a while.

I won’t bore you with excessive details but at that moment, I knew that if I ever wanted any control over my own life and my future, it was time to make some kind of move. Yet, it still took another few years, and countless hours of what felt like aimless, needle-in-a-haystack research, to eventually stumble into a free e-book, Affiliate Masters Course by Dr. Ken Evoy.

That turned out to be the answer to how I could simultaneously travel and earn money on my own terms, with a travel-and-tourism career and a home career online. It also introduced me to an outfit called SBI (Solo Build It!)

When you find out more about SBI and SBIers, a special breed of dedicated Web pundits I’m proud to be a part of, maybe you’ll get to read about some of the individual home career online paths by which we became SBIers.

For some, the process was a little unsure at first, undoubtedly marred by the multitude of disingenuous Get-Rich-Quick schemes out there. SBI has nothing in common with that. For me, it was an instant reaction. I knew instantly that it was what I had been looking for.

To curb my enthusiasm, after I voraciously devoured all the material, I gave myself a self-imposed "cooling off period" to be absolutely sure I wanted to take this leap of faith. In retrospect, I would have been insane to have changed my mind. But there was really not a chance of that happening. I basically spent the entire time prepping myself for my SBI adventure.


A Mentor And Online Coach I Wish I Had Found Many Years Ago __________________________________________________________

Dr Evoy is a professor of Medicine turned Internet marketer extraordinaire, and a gifted educator (although, I think he’s written somewhere that he has no patience for teaching!) Well, in a few short months with SBI, he has taught me countless priceless lessons many years of college had not. His obvious unwavering integrity was another key factor in my decision to try SBI.

Also, while I’d rather not use the term Midas touch, he has in fact turned projects to gold not once, but time and time again. And in doing so, he has never bragged about making millions (which he has), or claimed to make you millions (something you hear non-stop among Get-Rich-Quick schemes proponents, with nothing to back up their claims).

Instead, his brainchild SBI is a set of simple but powerful tools and skills that will positively impact lives like mine, and people's income earning ability for the foreseeable future. Many SBIers end up quitting the day job as the money they make thanks to SBI overtakes the income from their job, and goes up from there.

And the beauty of it is, the work can be done from anywhere, including the proverbial idyllic picture of sitting somewhere on a tropical beach seeping on Piña Coladas! You cannot beat that with a bat!

Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely work involved here, and serious dedication is a must. However, all it takes is bringing what Ken Evoy calls your BAM (Brain And Motivation), and closely following the Action Guide to soon witness concrete results. And that’s what I did. But, a successful home career online is decidedly not for slackers. Let me just throw that in there...


The Tool For Success In Home Career Online/Travel And Tourism Career __________________________________________________________

Web Marketing specialist and the leading Internet affiliate programs expert Allan Gardyne has consistently ranked Solo Build It! as his number one choice for years. Coming from someone who has tried it all, his objective assessment resonated with me. He is emphatic that SBI is unmatched for what it does.

So, what exactly does SBI do? You’re looking at it! It took someone like me, who couldn’t tell you the difference between HTML and FTP, no technical background whatsoever, and walked me every step of the way to being the proud owner of this Web site, which makes money even when I sleep or go on vacation!

If you had told me that I could own a Web site that earns me money to pay for my travels and anything else I may need money for, and keeps doing it day after day, night after night, I would have laughed you out the door, been utterly skeptical or asked you what’s the catch. But, there is no catch. Something about this opportunity rang true and genuine to me, and on my own volition, I pursued it.

Nobody tried to convince me or tried to sell it to me. I researched it and I pursued it, and I am so glad I did. It felt like a whole new world had finally opened up to me.

The world of Web publishing! As far as a travel and tourism career goes, this is key to a successful home career online. I learned that you could set up affiliate programs via email, without even owning a Web site. But that if you wanted to get serious about a home career online and making money from affiliates, you’d eventually want to own a Web site or... five! So, off I went. Hi Mom, I’m now a Web publisher!

Now, if you want, your home career online could even be about selling exotic items you bought on trips around the world or around the block, or selling art and crafts, or any product imaginable. To do that, you will want to see the section on setting up an online store. Hey! small local retail stores have actually gone global this way... But retail is slightly outside our topic of home career online.

Just bear in mind that this entire site is the work of a complete novice with zero technical experience, building a money making Web site from scratch, and absolutely loving every minute. I find anything technical to be the perfect cure for insomnia. So trust me, if I can do this, so can you.


Generating Income From Your Career Online __________________________________________________________

You may be wondering how I did all this and how exactly do I earn money from my Web site. The answer to the first question is simple: SBI, period. For the second question, well, the most obvious way is those affiliate links from Google that you see peppered around my Web pages. There are other ways as well, because what you want in a home career online is to achieve “multiple streams of income” (not putting all your eggs in one basket).

Now, I don’t know how much you know about Google, but they have the reputation of being a company held in very high esteem, and one that is very generous (rare in this day and age). Google has an affiliate program called Adsense, which was sort of an industry revolution when it was introduced. It allows me to get paid (by Google) every time a visitor to my site sees an ad that interests him or her, and clicks on the link.

The more visitors to my site, the more clicks; the more clicks, the more money I make, this is whether the visitors end up buying something from the advertiser or not. Not a bad deal, huh?

Google actually develops proprietary programming that matches my Web page content with relevant ad links, so that in the process of reading the information they were looking for, visitors see ads they might genuinely be interested in, and click on them. Meanwhile, SBI teaches me how to bring more and more visitors to my site. That’s how you got here!

Another type of affiliate programs is whereby merchants get "referrals" (visitors from my Web site linking to their site), and if a purchase is made from those merchants, I get to simply sit back and get a percentage of the price of the product or service sold.

Services such as Linkshare are a good resource for a home career online. They provide intermediary access to hundreds of such merchants to choose from. I could also set up referrals independently, for instance sending visitors to a vacation apartment owner in Paris, for a nice prearranged cut.

There are many more ways to earn money from a Web site than I could discuss in this limited format. If you want to learn more about earning money in a home career online, through affiliate programs, or other techniques, SBI is ideally positioned to teach you much better than I ever could. In fact, I’m still learning new ways every day as my home career online grows.


How is this different from any other Web hosting company? __________________________________________________________

Thought you’d never ask! First, nowadays, Web hosting in itself is nothing. Web hosting companies are a dime a dozen and they’re ready to offer anybody who wants to own a Web site a cheap package with very little functionality. Their mission is not to support a money making Web business or a home career online.

That’s where most people get confused. It’s perfectly fine if they just want a Web site about their family pet or something. But to build a Web site that consistently attracts new and repeat visitors and makes money, there are a slew of functions, aside from simple domain name registration to complex search engine optimization that need to take place.

Optimi-what? Exactly… That’s the way people seeking a home career online feel after they’ve been convinced to sign up with random Web hosting companies and suddenly, they're on their own.

I've never had to worry about all that stuff because all my technical work is done by powerful, sophisticated tools behind the scene, to let me focus on only one thing: writing good, useful and compelling content, which is what my visitors came to look for. Frankly, I couldn't have succeeded in a home career online any other way.

Tech-types want you to believe that building a good Web site is about mastering technical feats and prowess, and that’s what they get bogged down with. They often get no traffic because nobody knows they exist. What I’ve learned is that nobody visits a site (at least not more than once) to be dazzled by the technical wizardry involved in it. They come because they’re searching for information, services or products. You should know, right?

That’s how traffic is generated, and that’s where you come in to launch your home career online. Everyone has some knowledge about something that can benefit others and can be turned into valuable content for a Web site.

You and I may see a home career online linked to a travel-and-tourism career. So, a travel site about a place we know well naturally springs to mind. However, Web sites can be about any other topic (bowling, hair care, making candles, aviation, music, you name it). If you have the passion for it, chances are it can be turned into a profitable Web site. And that sure makes a home career online feel more like play than work. Watch the video here.

Don’t take my word for it. Here are also a few beginning-to-end (or rather, continuing) stories of wildly successful, happy SBIers. I know you’ll have a good time reading. You might even consider this gem for Moms you or someone dear to you could truly appreciate.

Thank you for visiting my site. I thought I’d repay the favor by sharing some tips on my home career online, something I’m obviously really excited about. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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