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If you understand the Paris hotel system, Paris discount hotels can basically be any hotel you want. The key is to keep certain criteria in mind, as I will explain shortly.

To talk about Paris discount hotel is also very interesting by sheer contrast. A quick hop across the English Channel for a visit to London will show you comparatively, how affordable Paris hotels can be.

Keeping in mind that every hotel, even the most exclusive, will have a high price and a low price depending on the time of year, I have two principal ways of finding discount hotels in Paris.

I like to start with a nice overview of current prices and rooms available at the moment. is one of the sites that does that very well. By entering "Paris" in the "where" field, you'll literally get hundreds of cheap hotels Paris wide, or choices from a wide range of prices.

You'll notice that the search screen allows you to set many of your own preferences including the use of a slider to select and show hotels only in the range of price you specify. That slider is located to the left of the screen under "Price".

In addition to being one of the top places to do your hotel searches, you'll like it if you are looking for information only. It is a good place for comparison shopping. It also has the advantage of showing you cheap hotel deals across travel sites, whereas most sites only show their own roster of the hotels they do business with.

Alternatively, I have arranged for you to view one of the most exhaustive listings of discount hotels in Paris. Remember "discount" doesn't necessarily mean cheap. Some of these can be pricey, but an amazing deal for the value. To get the best deal for you, remember to set your "price range" at the top; Then, search through this nice selection of pre-screened Paris discount hotels.

Another great tool at your disposal in finding Paris discount hotels is If you go in and enter “Paris” in their “destination” field, you’ll get hundreds of listings ranging anywhere from cheap Paris hotels to the swankiest.

You can click on and examine great hotel choices focusing on the area of Paris you wish to stay in, or on the best pick for your budget.

Hotels are rated from 1 to 5 stars, with nice photos, maps, customer reviews and room ratings. The site is really well put together, and is user-friendly. Best of all, at the time I'm publishing this, your hotel reservation on is free! (You pay when you get to the hotel). Cancellations are free as well (check their cancellation policy for details).

If you’re looking for a Paris discount hotel or a cheap hotel in Paris, your chances of finding one that is decent are actually very good, which is not generally the case in cities of similar stature.

Of course, for those who can afford it, a night in certain Paris hotels can go as high as some people’s monthly salary. But for the rest of us, it is a blessing to know that you don’t have to be relegated to a seedy part of town, as is often the case in major cities, to find an affordable room. A charming, clean and comfortable hotel can be found at very reasonable rates and for every budget.

To find Paris discount hotel rates, the thing to remember is that those rates fluctuate widely, particularly in connection with high season, which is more or less from mid-June to mid-September.

Add to that peak periods around major Holidays and what you have is the least favorable time to score a Paris discount hotel rate.

During high season, Paris is literally overrun with tourists, and available hotel rooms come at a premium; Basic supply and demand scenario...

The month of August is particularly problematic as most services diminish in Paris. This is when the majority of Paris business owners traditionally take their annual vacation, close shop and get out of town for a month, leaving hordes of tourists to fend for themselves. Lol…

If you’re not traveling to Paris during those times, you’re already practically guaranteed to find an affordable room somewhere.

But it remains feasible to get great deals even during those highly priced days. How? Do your comparison shopping ahead of everybody, when the field is still wide open with deals, special offers, etc…

To land Paris discount hotels, or for all matters involving traveling on a budget, I can never overstress the importance of planning early. I’m sure you will hear me say it again and again. There are only so many good deals available at any given time, and they will go to those who grab them first. It's that simple!

Paris used to have a bad reputation for outdated, not up-to-par hotel accommodations. That has radically changed with more and more hotel renovations taking place to give way to brand new, very modern amenities.

As more and more travelers check hotel photos online before committing these days, hotels are working very hard to offer amenities of the highest standards. It’s a development that has greatly improved the entire hotel industry in Paris but has not sent the hotel room rates sky high… yet! So, take advantage of it while you can, spend a little time picking your ideal home in Paris, and… bonnes vacances!


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