Paris facts to make your trip to Paris Fantastique!

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What Paris facts should you be aware of, that could make your trip to Paris an unforgettable, heartwarming experience, or conversely a complete disaster?

Paris can be quite a handful to the uninitiated visitor. How your trip unfolds and the way you will remember your Paris adventure can very much depend on what Paris facts you know –or don’t know- going in!

I am pleased to share practical facts about Paris France that will ease the challenge the world’s favorite travel destination can be.

I‘m a fellow Paris aficionado with the particularity that Paris was my home when I was younger –and sentimentally will always be. I am currently based in Los Angeles, California, but my frequent Paris trips have given me a perfect vantage point. I’m now in a position to see Paris, no longer through the eye of a local, but through the eye of the traveler, much as you would.

From this shared viewpoint, I try to offer educated tips, recommendations and Paris facts that I know to be of particular interest, or most useful to like-minded visitors, while pointing out the occasional pitfalls.

I hope you'll find this helpful, as you will literally have a whole world to discover once inside Paris France.

With that in mind, what do YOU love about Paris? Is it the ubiquitous presence of such a colorful past, the historical monuments, the museums of art? Is it the uniquely Parisian way of life, the renowned food and wine, the legendary nightlife?

For me, it’s all of the above and more. The City of Light offers endless options to the exploration-inclined; And as any Parisian will tell you, you could not cover them all if you returned 20 times! I second that emotion...

So, what better way to put MY passion for Paris to good use than to dedicate an informative –and hopefully entertaining- site to it! I will apply myself to making it sort of an advance preview and a sampler of some of the experiences that await you, and some you may not otherwise find on your own.

The emphasis will be on pinpointing Paris facts that make such and such a pick a big favorite –or a dud! This way, you can judge for yourself what has worked (or not worked) for me as well as for many others on their own Paris France visits.

As such, this site is a continuous work in progress, and I most definitely have no interest in it becoming a site about my experiences alone. I invite you to make this a Paris France clubhouse, created for sharing and swapping information on useful facts about Paris for the benefit of us all.

So, join the club! And when you return from Paris, do share the excitement... And, feel free to explore over 100 of my top choices of things to do! Find and book Paris tours and activities on Book ahead to save time and money!

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