Paris Weather
Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter


Paris weather is the product of a 4-season temperate climate with very distinctive characteristics. Paris Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter offer quite an assortment in terms of temperature, precipitation and vegetation.

The hottest Summer days can cook up temperatures in the 80° or sometimes 90° Fahrenheit range, while Winters occasionally fall slightly below freezing.

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My personal favorite, and believe me, this is not an empty cliché, is springtime in Paris. Watching the city be reborn every Spring is nothing short of spectacular. There is no better time to experience the freshness and pure joy of living in Paris.

Sunlight is bright and temperatures, while still in the mild 50 or 60° F, begin to rise slowly. The chill of Winter can still be biting especially at night during the early part of Spring.

Summer is warm, sometimes surprisingly hot particularly in August. The lack of a cooling breeze can make one wish the sea would be closer.

This is when “Paris Beach” is in full effect. And no, Paris does not actually have a beach. The City does make one by bringing in sand and turning areas of the Seine river banks into a man-made beach to the delight of many Parisians unable to join the hordes of Summer vacationers on the Southern French Riviera beaches and elsewhere. Sunlight lingers till around 10:00 pm. Summertime is always a party!

Autumn is probably the most romantic time in Paris. Something about it feels melancholic and bittersweet. Leaves change colors to offer magnificent panoramas of fiery glow as days get cooler and shorter.

The feeling in the air definitely has an air of sentimentality, maybe mourning the close of Summer.

That certain aura is also enhanced by light showers, as increasing rainfall starting in late August, marches us into the colder season. Temperatures in the 60° and 70° F range are most common.

Although it often snows in the Winter, heavy snow is not a mainstay of Paris weather. In addition, heat emanating from the Metro system underneath is a significant factor in melting snow as it hits the ground.

Persistent snowfall can sometimes have the adverse effect of covering Paris streets with brownish slush, as snow and dirt get smudged by pedestrians and motorists. This to me is the worst and thankfully rare look of Paris; Not to say that Winter is the least appealing season in Paris weather. Actually, clean white snow powdering the streets and leafless trees can definitely add to the timeless beauty of Paris.

Every season in Paris Weather is uniquely beautiful and the variety is such that everyone has their own favorite. For the Paris lover, there’s no better excuse to go back and visit Paris at different times of the year, sampling each season.

Do you know how to convert Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees? All you have to remember is 32° (the freezing temperature of water), and 1.8!!!
Example: to go from 98° F, subtract 32° and divide by 1.8 = 36° C
Going from 24° C, reverse the process by multiplying by 1.8, then adding 32° = 75° F (replacing 1.8 with 2 for easier mental math gets you fairly close)

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