Paris France Vacation Rental Apartments On Tap!


Paris France vacation rental apartments are an increasingly popular lodging alternative for Paris travelers because they work on many levels.

They are an obvious choice for traveling families who might otherwise be forced into big expenditures to book multiple rooms in a hotel. Paris France vacation rental apartments also tend to be of benefit to people traveling in groups. It’s a great opportunity to save a bundle by splitting the cost of an apartment between a few persons.

A major consideration is that some Paris France vacation rental apartments can be obtained for as little as €400 to €800 per week. At those prices, they make for a very compelling alternative to hotel rooms even for a party as small as 2 individuals.

Plus, you can buy your own groceries or delicious ready-to-eat food, and have some of your meals at home very inexpensively.

Now, bear in mind that prices of Paris vacation rentals can fluctuate seasonally, although perhaps to a lesser extent than with hotels. Nevertheless, you can do the math and see that €500-a week Paris vacation rentals for two over a 7-day trip is a windfall for any deal-seeker. This particular example works out to less than €36 per person per day.

Of course, that’s on the low end of the spectrum, and not to be misconstrued as standard fare. Paris vacation rentals prices are in fact all other the place and can go sky-high for those who can afford it, and are looking for unbridled luxury.

The problem for most travelers is how to go about securing a Paris vacation rental, with next to zero local information to work with. Well, worry no more…

I selected major resources out of the plethora of Paris France vacation rental apartment offerings out there. Keep in mind that anyone who owns an apartment or two in Paris can decide to rent them out. That makes for a pretty chaotic landscape. Which ones can you rely upon?

My first choice is Vacation Rentals By Owner (, the largest vacation rental apartment site), not because of its size, but because it allows as objective an assessment of the rentals as one can hope for. They are a neutral party with no affiliation with the property owners (advertisers).

More importantly, they provide a feature that documents rental reviews from previous travelers and exposes any bad behavior or scams by owners. By the way, there is no affiliation between and this site, nor with the others mentioned here, FYI. So, feel free to look around their respective Paris sections and see what they have to offer.

Another service I found to be very well put together is New York Habitat ( They have a very nice Paris section. The relatively limited number of cheap deals might be the only hurdle, for those with restrictive budgets.

I actively continue to review other resources to spot some that I can, as always, recommend to Paris travelers without trepidation. Your reviews are welcome as well.

Paris France vacation rental apartments are located all over the city, but for the sake of touring and exploring Paris, preferred areas to rent tend to be the 3rd and 4th Arrondissements around historic neighborhood Le Marais; the 5th and 6th Arrondissements in the Quartier Latin and around Saint Germain-des- Prés; and the impressive 7th Arrondissement.

Those areas are conducive to experiencing Paris life and all the central Paris attractions conveniently. That said, a good deal in any area of Paris is just that: a good deal! The reason is that transportation is never a major handicap, overall.

Your main concerns should be about the contractual aspects of your rental.
- Insist upon a written agreement to confirm your reservation.

- A security deposit paid in advance is the norm, or the owner will be free to consider the apartment still available, and may rent it out to the first person who pays the deposit. It’s fair game; However do not rush into a decision. Think it through.

- Look for an owner who is set up to accept credit card payments. That will prove very beneficial to you in case you ever have to dispute a charge, or charge back a contested payment.

- Check owners’ track record (travelers’ reviews, references, etc…)

- Don’t get tunnel vision. Paris is a huge city with plenty of options. Drop the turkeys and move on. Choose wisely, and lastly, have a “plan B”. No preparation for a major trip should be complete without one.


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