My Best Paris Restaurants:
Buddha Bar Paris

Temple of the Cool; One of the most exotic, "must-see", trendy Paris spots...

Buddha Bar
8, rue Boissy d’Anglas, 75008 Paris
Metro: Concorde
Phone: 01 53 05 90 00
Hours: Lunch and late dinner (till 12:30am). Closed for lunch on Sat. and Sundays

Don’t be fooled by the “bar” part in the Buddha Bar name. This place is so much more! So, you’re in Paris and you want to go out on the town, but you’re not sure where to start… Look no further!

Buddha Bar Paris is the place of the moment, has been for some time now, and shows no signs of letting up.

What first got my attention about Buddha Bar Paris was the emphasis put on cutting-edge music. As you may already know from some of my previous pages, I’m a huge music buff. The music that constantly engulfs the Buddha Bar Paris experience is notorious. It’s a blend of some of today’s best sounds from around the globe, often mixed live. Buddha Bar Paris actually offers their own CD’s for sale right on the premises. That ought to tell you something about the faith this restaurant places in its music.

Getting back to the restaurant, the décor is both exotic and original, topped by a giant Buddha statue that contrasts with the progressive modern Eastern style. The mood is immediately set for a rich and titillating experience.

The food is reminiscent of the Pacific Asian/California cuisine that’s all the rage in Los Angeles, mixed in with a French touch. Excellent, but it’ll cost you! Fortunately, there is no law against ordering a small snack or appetizer and nursing a cocktail long enough to savor the atmosphere.

The upstairs bar is another option -actually a very good one- as the music gets increasingly groovier the later it gets.

You’ll need restaurant reservations if you must be formal. Otherwise, go in for the experience, see how it goes and with the bar and music, make it a hot night in Paris.

Menu price range: It won’t be cheap, my friend!

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Yes, you can get your groove on,
upstairs at Buddha Bar Paris

Another hot tip;
(not a commercial endorsement)

>>Choose your Paris airport
shuttle transfers wisely!!