Paris Salsa dancing club scene? Salsational!

Crashing the party at a Salsa dancing club in Paris? Sounds like a very cool idea… But wait, I can’t dance Salsa! It’s one of those things I’ve honestly never been that motivated to learn in the past. Big mistake!

If you’re like me, you are truly missing out on some caliente action! But don’t take my word for it. You need to check it out for yourself. Salsa is not only big in Paris. It’s one of the most consistent and long-lasting “trends” ever.

The fact is, Paris boasts one of, if not the strongest Salsa scene outside Latin America. You expect to find a hot Salsa dancing club in Miami, in New York or L.A. because of heavy Hispanic populations in those cities; But Paris??? Yep, you better believe it!

In L.A., the Salsa dancing club landscape is fueled by club-goers of Central America, South America, Caribbean and Mexican origins. Similarly in Paris, you have a strong Caribbean community, a strong Brazilian community, Afro-Cuban-music-crazy West African and European communities. It’s always been a rich and dynamic scene.

So where are these Salsa clubs located? The main drawback is that the hottest action tends to move around from location to location. In other words, you have to keep yourself informed. However, there are staple events and almost mythical Salsa dancing club establishments that will start you on your quest to discover the Paris Salsa scene.

I have included the recommended dates and time, but while the information may change, the locations have been selected because they’re well known, reliable and respected on the scene.

Also, most events and/or locations offer Salsa lessons and are a great pick for an exotic dinner wrapped in tropical music. By the way, this is an amazing way for visitors to make new friends in Paris, not to mention dating opportunities galore…

La Coupole
Tuesdays (Sorry, currently discontinued. I will post updates)
100/102 Blvd du Montparnasse 75014 Paris
Metro: Vavin

Barrio Latino
Sundays 3:00pm to 7.30pm.
This is a must-do venue.
Rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine 75011 Paris
Metro: Bastille

O’Sullivan’s Pub (“By The Mill” near Le Moulin Rouge)
Sundays, every other week 9:30pm to 2:00 am
92, Boulevard de Clichy 75018 Paris
Metro: Blanche

La Pachanga
An institution! Nightly 7:00pm to 2:00 am (Fri & Sat till 5:00am). Salsa lessons included.
8, Rue Vandamme 75014 Paris
Metro: Gaité or Edgard Quinet

El Diablito Latino
Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays are hot. Salsa lessons at 7:30pm Thursdays.
46, Rue Saint Sébastien 75011 Paris
Metro: Saint Ambroise or Richard Lenoir

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