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Mix Club

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Mix Club
24, Rue de l'Arrivée
75015 Paris
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Metro: Montparnasse-Bienvenue

Fierce and wicked new kid on the block...

A fairly recent addition to the Paris club scene (only open since 2005), Mix Club took over from Club Amnesia, a long time former favorite among young clubbers in the city. Located at the base of the Montparnasse Tower, Mix Club is rapidly showing signs of becoming Paris ground zero for international big name Electronica DJs.

Modern sleek décor, state of the art sound and light systems and the club-savvy attitude of the team behind this new sensation are all giving well established Paris mega clubs a run for their money. Mesmerizing floor shows and an overall artistic flair for the spectacular only add to the frenzy that is already synonymous with a night of partying at Mix Club. The energy is simply magical.

If you are familiar with, or interested in the international circuit of House/Electronica DJs who fly all over the world to set dance crowds on fire, from Ibiza to Tokyo, Vegas to London and elsewhere, you’ve just found your latest Paris connection.

Parisians are notoriously hard to please, so it is a great testament to this club that there is quasi-unanimity as to the high marks Mix Club gets… for now!

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