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France and Paris population counts respectively amount to around 65 million for the country (2011 figures not counting France territories abroad), 2.2 million in Paris proper, and 11.7 million in metropolitan Paris. Contemporary France is a land of racial diversity comprising immigrants from all over Europe and parts of Africa and Asia.

The proportions of racial or ethnic groups in the France and Paris population are not readily accessible because in France, it is illegal to compile statistical data on the basis of race or ethnicity (although of late, some political groups are attempting to change this).

Paris as a metropolitan area and main immigration point (along with Marseilles) is currently undergoing severe growing pains exacerbated by the fact that the many town/communities that the region is comprised of are run (sometimes very tentatively) independently from central Paris authorities.

In recent years, this lack of organizational and developmental planning has triggered violent riots (in 2005 and 2007) ignited by under-served minority youths in neglected outlying suburbs. Their main outcry is not one of racial hatred, but that the "social elevator" has not worked for them, as well as tension with the police.

As a visitor, you will most likely never be faced with any of these issues aside from the recurring labor strikes and public transport interruptions. Even in that case, strikes are usually short-lived and you must remember that in sheer measurements, Paris proper is relatively small. You can easily take a leisurely stroll to many sites you are interested in visiting, work up and appetite and head back in time for a delightful dinner.

The main tourism areas are centrally located and include all the famous Paris landmarks and monuments. Principal areas are: the Left and Right Banks of the Seine River in the middle of the city; Île de la Cité (the birthplace of Paris); the Quartier Latin; Le Marais neighborhood; Les Halles area; the Montmartre village (Sacré Coeur Basilica); the 7th Arrondissement (Eiffel Tower); the Champs Elysées; the Concorde-Louvre corridor; the revamped Bastille neighborhood, and select others worthy of a special visit.

France has never been keen on promoting matters of ethnic differentiation. The laudable motto of France has traditionally been that everyone is raised French first and foremost, before any consideration to ethnic or national origins.

Nevertheless, on the ground, there are certain signs of clutters forming notably in certain areas of Paris (virtual Chinatown in South Paris 13th arrondissement, and colorful Africa hub in North Paris 18th, 19th, etc.); Some suburbs outside the city are also ethnically dense, exhibiting the challenges the system is undergoing as population grows and evolves.

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