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CDG Airport transfer is not that tricky if you have good information on hand. Some people complain that Charles De Gaulle airport is not user-friendly. I find it to be a breeze compared to other mega airports such as Los Angeles' LAX where you might struggle to even find an information desk, or one manned by someone who looks like they'd give the slightest care about your problems. Ha!

No matter what airport you're dealing with, good information is key, and the larger the airport, the better informed you should strive to be. Otherwise, be prepared for some serious frustration at times. I've had my share of hair-pulling moments, from New York City's La Guardia to London's Heathrow, and many others.

Transfering from the airport into town sounds like it should be such a simple task. But depending on many factors such as the specific airport, your time of arrival, the local culture and many other variables, this simple task sometimes turns into a major undertaking that can very negatively set off your vacation. Don't let that happen.

This site has many pages that will give you ample details for your CDG airport transfer into Paris (and back) to be as painless as possible. I often recommend that you thoroughly prepare certain aspects of your trip in advance. This is one of them.

My advice is that you do not try to improvise your CDG Airport transfer, especially if you are on your first Paris visit.

As an avid traveler, I can vouch that places you visit for the first time are often counter-intuitive for the mere reason that they may not necessarily function the way you're used to back home. That's one thing to always keep in mind when traveling, particularly abroad.

Your currency exchange, luggage storage (for CDG see Bagages Du Monde), airport transfers, lodging, business hotels by the airport, travel insurance and other trip necessities are best pre-researched and pre-arranged.

Now, for your specific CDG Airport transfer needs when you arrive at Charles de Gaulle Airport:

Go to the RER station, line B. You can ask the info desk (look for the "i" sign) to direct you to the RER. Depending on your arrival terminal, you may or may not be directed to catch the free airport shuttle outside the terminal, which will take you to the RER station.

In the RER station, you have the choice of using either an automatic ticket dispenser (look for the sign "Billeterie Automatique", or the ticket window to purchase your ticket. First time users are better off with the latter so that the the attendant can help you with the correct fare.

The RER fare depends on your destination. One-way CDG Airport transfer into Paris are typically €8.70 or €9.10 (Children 4 to 10 years old and eligible reduced fare recipients get discounted fares).

The RER gets you to Paris in about 45 minutes, then you have to make your way to your destination by metro, taxi, bus, etc.

An affordable and more convenient CDG Airport transfer (door-to-door option) is by private airport shuttle. Get a discounted deal here.

For other public transportation options, and to get all Paris transport info, go to the following pages:

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Going Straight to Disneyland-Paris? gives the following info for transfer to Disneyland Resort Paris via the Val d'Europe Airports shuttle.

VEA provides services between Disneyland Resort Paris and Paris-Charles de Gaulle. It also serves a number of hotels along the route.

Roissybus stops at Paris-Charles de Gaulle:

Terminal 3: Outside the Arrivals / Departures Hall
Terminal 1: Arrival level - Gate 30
Terminal 2B-2D : Gate B12 / D12
Terminal 2A-2C : Gate A12 / C12
Terminal 2E-2F : Gallery - Entrance 5 (level 0), exit 0.09
Terminal 2G : The N2 shuttle picks up passengers from T2G at CDG airport and drops off at T2E / 2F
The N2 shuttle bus runs from 05:30 to 23:00.
Maximum service frequency: every 6 minutes.
Average journey time: 12 minutes

Hotels along the route:

Disney's Hotel Newport Bay Club
Disney's Hotel Sequoia Lodge
Kyriad Hotel
Holiday INN
Vienna International Dream Castle
Thomas Cook Explorers Hotel
Disney's Hotel Santa Fe
Disney's Hotel Cheyenne
Disney's Hotel New York
Bus Station
Disneyland Hotel
Magic Circus Hotel

Service frequency:

Every 20min average, a white VEA shuttle picks up at different terminals and drops off at terminal 2E/2F where you will find red VEA shuttle.

Service times:

Disneyland Resort Paris - Paris-Charles de Gaulle: from 07:30 High season (Low season 8:00) to 19:45 Paris-Charles de Gaulle - Disneyland Resort Paris: from 08:40 to 20:25

Fares available at press time are valid 2011/04/01 - 2011/10/31:

Single (adults and children of 11 and over): €18 Children 3-11: €15 No charge for children under 3

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