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Le Jules Verne


Best Paris Restaurants review: The Eiffel Tower's "Le Jules Verne"

Dining at Le Jules Verne has to be approached from the perspective of the occasion and the unique setting it provides. A bird’s eye view of one of the most breathtaking panoramic views of Paris can try to steal the thunder from just about any gustative event. Not to say that the cuisine artists do not deliver the goods, because they certainly do.

Le Jules Verne offers a very delicate style leaning towards a creative brand of French cuisine. It prides itself in excelling in a style of cooking using the best available market offerings of the day, and turning them into exceptional gourmet creations. The seafood magic tricks can only be rivaled by the artistry of the desserts.

But to be able to enjoy the full experience of Le Jules Verne, one has to be persistent and plan a couple months ahead for dinner reservations. Besides the prestige of the association with the Eiffel Tower, there is a reason for the backlog.

Dinner is set up with specialized minimalist lighting that keeps the pseudo high-tech décor of the room just dark enough to maximize the effect of the sea of illuminations from the City of Light 125 meters below. A spectacular sky-high setting indeed!

If you can get a reservation, a private elevator to the 2nd floor will whisk you up to the mesmerizing gastronomical treat, hovering around 150-200 euros per head with a nice selection of wine. The easier alternative is lunch, which comes comfortably under 100 euros and eliminates much of the reservations problems.

Great pick whatever the case! Be sure to bring your camera to immortalize the occasion...

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