My Best Paris Restaurants:
L'Atelier Renault

L'Atelier Renault
53, Avenue des Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris
Metro: Franklin Roosevelt
Phone: 01 49 53 70 70
Hours: until 1:00 am 7 days

Industrial chic you must see to fully appreciate…

How about this for a concept? Located right on the Champs Elysées is this sophisticated, exquisitely designed... Renault car showroom!

No, we’re not in the wrong rubric. There actually is a restaurant in there, and a swank one at that! While the latest glamorized Renault models are displayed on a super sleek, shiny ground floor, you won’t have to worry about pushy car salesmen. There aren’t any. This is mostly a brand image enhancement showroom.

It may seem a little far-fetched, but trust me; you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Make your way upstairs for an entertaining view of the activities in the showroom below, or better yet, look out of the building-wide glass wall and enjoy the restaurant with a splendid view of the Champs Elysées street scene outside.

Be it for a reinvigorating snack on your shopping break, or a more substantial 3-course meal, you will give high marks to this modern chic restaurant. The avant-garde décor, the tasteful French contemporary menu and the pleasant view all tie in to make this the perfect stop on a busy Champs Elysées outing.

The bar is not to be overlooked either. It’s an excellent rendez-vous place for great drinks, cool converstation and late-night hours. Menu price range: €20 to €40

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