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Man Ray (Mandala Ray)

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Man Ray (renamed Mandala Ray)
32-34 Rue Marbeuf
75008 Paris
Metro: Franklin Roosevelt
Phone: 01 56 88 36 36

Jet set city in the heart of the Champs Elysees...

Man Ray is a top Paris night club, lounge, bar, notorious hangout and one of the best places to watch and rub shoulders with the “beautiful People”; And they are indeed! Style reigns here.

This former movie theater is also one of the trendiest restaurants in town. I had a hard time deciding whether to include it in either my top Paris night clubs or my best Paris restaurants list.

The night club list won out for one thing: Whether you are wowed by the Man Ray dining experience or not, what will stay on your mind is your time clubbing here.

It does not hurt a bit that Man Ray is owned by three amazing artists and fellow lovers of Paris, Johnny Depp, Sean Penn and John Malkovich. This ensures a steady flow of the jet set crowd that makes a club or restaurant an “in” spot... And we’re talking huge names in the entertainment world...

I speculate that good or bad, this has a lot to do with the overall ambiance at Man Ray, including the hype and the sometimes stinging criticism as well.

You’ll just need to go see for yourself; It’ll be well worth your while, starting with the far-eastern, posh, modern décor and overall theme reminiscent of Buddha Bar. Little golden Buddahs keep a benevolent eye on you while you feast tasty, almost decorative dishes, or enjoy the stylish mezzanine bar-lounge.

On Mondays, a classical orchestra - no less – serenades you as you dine. On week-ends, all the restaurant tables are moved from the floor to give way to the frenzy of one of the hottest dance parties in the Paris night club scene.

Jump right in or enjoy the action from the mezzanine above. This is definitely a place to see and be seen by some of Paris most glamorous.

If you make it a Man Ray night, you won’t have to worry about door policy or club cover charge. Plan for a light dinner instead, then stay on. A word of caution, the price of drinks shoots up dramatically when things transition from restaurant to night club. But you didn’t really expect this place to be cheap, did you?


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