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Les Bains

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Les Bains:
7, Rue du Bourg-l’Abbé
75003, Paris
Metro: Etienne Marcel
Tel: 01 48 87 01 80

Fashionable for two decades and still trendy…

The full name of Paris night club Les Bains Douches (literally, baths-showers) is a reference to the public bath establishment it used to be.

These days, the only thing reminiscent of anything to do with toiletries is the endless stream of gorgeous international fashion models who have made Les Bains their club of choice, and their nightly HQ.

Needless to say Les Bains is a club where the beautiful people, the well-to-do and the glitterati tend to converge in droves. With that comes a certain tendency for this club to be somewhat exclusive, but not to a fault.

If you’re determined to check it out, my recommendation is to come early enough for dinner (the restaurant is on the upper level), and stay long enough for the club to start (midnight), but not so long that the crowd gets too big and causes the bouncers to become difficult. Got it?

In any case, if you actually go through the trouble of securing reservations and having dinner, you’re only an echelon away from the VIP ranks.

The club area itself has a nice look and décor but is not very large. This can create a rather congested dance floor when things get going. But isn’t that part of the appeal of cozy Paris clubs? And what guy would mind getting bumped around by tipsy super models all night long? Not me… :=)

If this spot tickles your fancy, trade the €20 or so cover charge for a €40 dinner plus easy access to the club. You can even use the excuse of having to dance all night for ordering a very light (thus cheaper) dinner. But you didn’t get that from me…


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