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Le Queen

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Le Queen
102, Avenue des Champs Elysées
75008, Paris
Metro: Franklin Roosevelt
Phone: 01 53 89 08 08

Disco Inferno, Paris is Burning…

This is an establishment that has transcended its original mission as a gay megaclub in Paris to become simply a Paris megaclub.

Le Queen has the advantage of being one of the hippest Paris night clubs, but without the excessive exclusivity that often keeps club-goers desperately waiting in line for hours, at the mercy of snooty bouncers.

Sure, there’s always a certain amount of crowd screening in any super club, but Queen has been around long enough to have ridden some bad times as well as the good. Therefore, I find them to be more judicious in their door policy; So, chances are you will get in relatively easily even if you don’t necessarily wow the doormen with your getup.

As I already mentioned, Queen started out as a hot club for gays (hence the name), but these days, a good segment of the crowd is heterosexual and everybody is there for one thing: The great atmosphere and slamming music.

After world renowned dj-producer Dimitri from Paris helped popularize Queen with his weekly club-night “Paris is Burning”, it was only a matter of time before revelers of all persuasions started to crash the party on any night irrespective of sexual orientation.

Expect some risque’ accoutrements and drag queens here and there. After all, this is Club Queen, not the Montmartre Cathedral. As long as you’re not the type a few excentricities would rattle, you’re going to have a sinfully good time at this notorious venue.

If you have a few doubts about trying an unfamiliar scene, check out more heavily heterosexual outings on Monday night’s "Disco Inferno" or Wednesday night’s “Paris is Burning”. Or just "let your hair down" and check it out any night you feel like it. Just keep in mind that some nights may be more exclusively gay than others.

Cover charge is normally no more than €20, and varies night to night. (It includes one drink)


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