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Cabaret (Le Cab) club

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Cabaret (Le Cab)
2, Place du Palais Royal 75001, Paris
Metro: Palais Royal
Phone: 01 58 62 56 25

Undisputed champion of chic and glamour…

Le Cab is one of Paris night clubs most smartly designed spots. Both the restaurant and the club are put together with a touch of glamour, which helps justify the great hype.

I hesitate to say anything overly complimentary because first time visitors can sometimes form an out-of-this-world unrealistic idea of everything in Paris, and are bound to be disappointed. However, I have seen clubs from Ibiza to Las Vegas, London to Mykonos, and I believe Le Cab ranks in the top echelons for class and quality.

It is chic and as you might guess, pricey, with a fashionable and trendy club crowd which does not flinch at the steep price of drinks, or at least doesn’t show it. It would probably be very unbecoming to balk at the 14€ a pop price, which comes in addition to the 20€ cover charge. The latter isn’t actually outrageous or even unusual by Paris night clubs standards.

Cabaret club door policy is not nearly as brutal as might be feared. Cost itself probably does a certain amount of pre-screening. But Le Cab certainly doesn’t skimp on rigor, as the security detail extends to the party area. I guess you would not want all the international top models and other ever-present celebrities lounging on the soft, inviting beds and dim lights without a minimum amount of muscle enforcement.

All in all, the atmosphere is upbeat, yet serene and very enjoyable, with name dj’s spinning a steady supply of crowd pleasing House and middle of the road dance tracks.

People are often nervous about Paris night clubs’ door policies, but anytime you’re dealing with a night club-slash-restaurant, you have an opportunity to work around it.

In this particular case, you can eliminate any doubts as long as you’re prepared to tackle a menu where 100€ per person dinner is hardly noticed. The restaurant actually does get great reviews. Foie-gras, salmon and a 1000€ pink Dom Perignon bottle could even grace your table and of course give you free access to the club area afterwards.

Otherwise, put on your best face, take a chance on the club itself and arrive before the big crowds set in. It may be easier to get in than you might expect.


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