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Across from 11, Quai Francois Mauriac
75013 Paris
Metro: Quai de la Gare
Phone: 01 45 83 33 06

Lighthouse boat sets the river on fire...

This was the first of a series of Paris night clubs on boat that enlivened an already bubbling Paris club scene. Batofar remains the place to go when you’re looking for the perfect spot to top off or wind down your all-night dancing foray.

Picture a bright red lighthouse boat right on the bank of River Seine, an “in” crowd of dance music lovers, some of the most skilled dj’s on the scene, and an after-party that will keep you going until you can marvel at the Paris break of day.

If you care to stay up that long, sounds like Batofar is your speed and you’re in for memorable nights in Paris. Batofar is best enjoyed very late –or should I say very early, as in the wee hours of the morning, to cap a busy night on the town. Not to say you couldn’t make an entire evening of it; In fact, many happily do; however be aware that for the most part, they revere the music. This is not a see and be seen or a pick-up joint.

Expect the company of true clubbing enthusiasts, serious House and Techno lovers and the likes. The setting is unpretentious but clearly original and very unique. This modest bateau-phare (French for lighthouse boat) is almost all things to all people in the Paris night club scene.

The bowels below are witness to one of the hottest weekend dance floors in Paris, regularly featuring top name dj’s, but also, mostly during the week, some cutting edge progressive band performances ranging from Jazz and Rock to Electro.

Patrons can alternatively hang out in the narrow cabins, peeping out the small windows or even order something to eat from the restaurant kitchen. In warm weather, Batofar spontaneously generates its own impromptu Paris-Beach parties as swimwear-clad revelers, young and old, fill the deck above and the embankment alongside the boat, dancing and sunbathing to the sounds of Batofar dj’s.

Admission to club events varies. Some mid-week events are free. Otherwise, cover charge is usually well under 20€.


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