How to speak French: Studying For Test

by Anyssa L.
(Redondo Beach)

This is a way that I reviewed for our test tomorrow:
Votre-you guys'/you (formal)
Vos-you guys'/ you(formal)

Mon pere
nos peres
ma mere
vos meres
ma grand-pere
ma grand-mere
nos grand-pere
vos grand-mere
mon frere
ses freres
ma soeur
mes soeurs
ma cousin
vos cousins
ta oncle
leurs oncles
notre tante
vos tantes
mon neveu
ta neveux
sa niece
leurs nieces
mon beau-pere
ma belle-mere
vos beaux-peres
leurs belles-meres

1. 23,587
vingt trois mil, sanc [cinq] cente [cent]quatre- vingt sept
2. 689,722
six cent quatre vingt neuf mil [mille], sept cent vingt- deux ["mil" is for dates only]
3. 1918
mil neuf cent dix- huit
4. 3561
trois mil sanc [cinq] cent soixante [et] un
5. 1879
mil huit cent soixante dix-neuf
6. 1004
mil quatre [or mille quatre if not a year]
7. 10,060
dix mil soxiante [dix mille soixante]
8. 1,000,381
million trios cent quatre vingt et un
[un million trois cent quatre-vingt-un (for mille, you don't need to start with "un", but for million, you do); Also, quatre-vingt-un is the exception where you do not have "et", as in soixante~et~un]

9. 2047
deux mil quarante sept
10. 1,750
mil sept cent cinqaunte [cinquante]

1. Monday November 27, 2012
c'est lundi le 27 novembre 2012
2. thursday november 29 2012
c'est jeudi le 29 novembre 2012
3. monday december 3 2012
c'est lundi le decembre 3 2012 [lundi le 3]

Military Time:
1. Il est dix neuf heure[s] quarante sanc [cinq].
2. Il est dix neuf heure[s] trente.
3. Il est dix-neuf heure[s] moins le quart.
4. Il est dix-neuf heures quarante cinq

Anyssa, all corrections are in bold for your review. You are using this tool exactly as I intended. Great job! I hope you see the potential benefit. It's almost like having private tutoring.

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