How to speak French: General Conversation & the Seasons

by Lindsey P.
(Redondo Beach, California)

General Conversation (Date, Weather, and Time)

Question: What is today's date?
Quelle est la date aujourd'hui?
Answer: Today is Monday, the third, December 2012.
Aujourd'hui c'est Lundi, le trois, Décembre 2012.

Question: Quel temps fait-il?
What is the weather?
Answer: Aujourd'hui il pleut.
Today it is rainy.

Question: Quelle heure est-il?
What time is it?
Answer: Il est sept heures quatorze-deux.
It is seven hours forty two. (corr: Il est sept heures quarante-deux)

Question: Quelle heure est-il à Paris?
What time is it in Paris?
Answer: (Normal and Military Time) Il est quatre heures quatorze-deux a Paris. (corr: Il est quatre heures quarante-deux à Paris)
It is four hours forty two in Paris.


le printemps.
the spring.

l'autome. corr: l'automne
the autumn.

the summer.

the winter.

Great Lindsey! I can tell you're ready to practice more complex sentences. Now, we'll start using present tense ER verbs and adding new vocabulary daily.

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