How to speak French: Date in French and ER verb conjugation

by Justin W.
(Redondo Beach, CA, U.S)

Aujourd'hui C'est le Vendredi trente novembre demi-duze (see correction below)
week day month year

Aujourd'hui C'est le= Today is

Vendredi= friday

Trente= 30

Novembre= november

Demi-duze= 2012
Correction: deux mille douze

"Aujourd'hui c'est vendredi le trente novembre deux mille douze"

ER verbs

Je chante (e)
Tu chantes (es)
il/elle/on chante (e)
nous chantons (ons)
vous chantez (ez)
li/elles chantent (ent)

Justin, I'm pleased that you decided to blog about your French learning. As you see, this is a good way to get your work checked and corrected. Keep up the good work!

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