How to speak French: Christmas Vocabulary

by Jami M.
(Redondo Beach, Ca, USA)

Joyeux Noel= Merry Christmas
l'hiver= winter
la veille de Noel= Christmas Eve
la creche= manger
un flocon de neige= snowflake
le sapin= Christmas tree
un cadeau= present
decembre= December
la fete de Noel= Christmas feast [party, holiday]
Pere Fouettard= Bogeyman
le gui= mistletoe
un bonhomme de neige= snowman
Noel= Christmas
Pere Noel= Santa Claus
la fete de Noel= Christmas party
la neige= snow
un jouet= toy
une chandelle= candle
un ruban= ribbon

[Good job, Jami! I hope you did have a great Christmas]

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