Cheap Airfares to Paris France
Avoid Last Minute Scrambling!

notre-dame-from-seine-houseboats eiffel-tower-nice-shot nice-white-sculptures jardin-des-tuileries

notre-dame-from-seine-houseboats eiffel-tower-nice-shot nice-white-sculptures jardin-des-tuileries

To find cheap airfares to Paris France, like most people, I used to rely on discount travel agencies and consolidators to find what they considered a good deal. That practice has progressively vanished from the landscape. Things have simply evolved so much that these days I can just as efficiently -and often better- do my own comparison shopping online, with more advantageous results.

The key is early planning. If you’re leaving in 3 days, your chances for a good deal are markedly worse than if you have at least 3 weeks to work with.

Overall, my best recommendation for finding cheap airfares to Paris France has to go to The site allows you to find cheap flights from hundreds of sites with one click. This is a great place to start your search because it’s simply a top travel search engine and it enables you to effectively tweak many options until you get a good overview of the available range of fares. It was also founded by people with top-notch experience specific to this field.

There are other search engines providing similar services, but this is the one that has always worked best for me. If a published airfare is not listed in, I doubt that you’ll find it anywhere else. In fact, you'll find airfares here from airlines like JetBlue that do not normally publish with online travel sites. By making this the starting point to your comparison-shopping, you can begin playing with various dates and combinations until you find your cheapest or best selection.

In the past, discount tickets purchased through travel agencies usually made it a nightmare for me to change travel dates, usually forcing me to either travel as booked or buy another ticket. In that sense, having the ability to research your own options in all the possible combinations can be a real lifesaver.

While the best bookings may not always be duplicated, the gist of it is that these services basically work with major airlines, hotels and other brand name travel companies by “helping them reduce unsold inventories”. That’s how they’re able to negotiate great deals on flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages, etc.

For that reason, your luck in finding cheap Paris airfares depends on available inventory at the time of your search. However, your chances improve markedly the more time you have ahead of your projected trip. So, if you start your search early enough, you will usually find reasonably cheap airfares to Paris France as well as hotels.

Do keep an eye on the occasional airfare wars that break out when one airline tries to stimulate sales by dropping prices, and competing airlines quickly move to match or beat the low prices. This is usually a great opportunity to buy your ticket at a significantly reduced cost, provided that you’re ready to make your move then and there.

Indeed, these days there are services after services such as,,, Hotwire, Orbitz and more, all working their tails off to get your business. But you have to do your due diligence.

One final thing to keep in mind is that high-season (June through September) and the Holidays can have a brutal effect if you're trying to secure cheap airfares to Paris France. Therefore, it is particularly important that you plan early if you must travel during those periods. Have I already said plan early?

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