Famous Paris Cafes:
Cafe de la Paix

Cafe de la Paix is a renowned Parisian cafe with a historical past.

Café de la Paix
12, Boulevard des Capucines
75009, Paris
Metro: Opera

One of the most iconic names since opening its doors in 1862, this café remains a huge reference among classic Parisian cafés and a throwback from a time of high society elegance…

Cafe de la Paix was especially popular during the politically turbulent era of the Paris Commune, as politicians and influencial Parisians made this establishment their gathering place of choice.

The Paris Commune was an uprising of the people of Paris in March 1871. The government of Napoleon III (nephew of Bonaparte) had waged and lost an ill-conceived war against Prussia.

Parisians had valiantly defended themselves against the enemy for 4 months. They were upset with the government for signing an armistice which led to Prussian troops marching into Paris symbolically as victors.

The people of Paris would have none of it! They decided to rise up against their own aristocratic state and form a self-government of Paris by "common" people. The Paris Commune fought for 2 months until the state put it down in a blood bath that lasted a whole week in May 1871.

Interestingly, this cafe (translation: Cafe of the Peace) was named a decade prior to these events. In the years following the demise of Napoleon III, his many supporters and loyalists would still congregate here and reminisce about the First and Second French Empire.

Today’s world marches to the beat of a different drum and Café de la Paix not only welcomes people of all walks of life in peace, it also has long dropped the upper crust scepter it once carried. Nevertheless, it is still a prominent spot, most celebrated in part thanks to its proximity to the landmark Opera Garnier.

Cafe de la Paix and the Opera Garnier were in fact designed by the same architect, Charles Garnier, and share the same past grandeur, style and flair.

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Place de l'Opera and a glimpse of Cafe de la Paix (@ 1:50)